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It’s a first in a series with 50+ short stories from various authors, including my story, “The Lost Cabin”.  This anthology is available on #Kindle, FREE on #KindleUnlimited, and also available in paperback!




Read To Your Pets

Lower your pet’s anxiety by cuddling with him and letting him hear your voice while reading a bedtime story!

#Bedtime4Dogs has released their second anthology of stories for humans and their pets. I’m excited to announce my story “True Love” is one of several short stories included in “Tales for the Tail End of a Spring Day”!


Available on Amazon and Betime4Dogs.com



SECOND SKIN by Cal P. Logan

I couldn’t put this book down! It’s a fantasy story that hooked me right away. It’s a masterfully crafted novella that has you rooting for the assassin! The ending was a heart pounding surprise that I wasn’t expecting.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of ‘Second Skin’, you should! Right now, this book is free on Kindle.