It’s a CHAOTIC World

It’s a chaotic world these days. I’m wishing you all well. With the ongoing spread of CODIV-19, hospitals are inundated, schools are closing, businesses are struggling, people are hoarding toilet paper.

For those of you that are home with your kids whose schools have closed, here are some suggestions for things to do:

* Family reading—read together, or all read the same book and discuss.
* Simple science projects.
* Make a card, send it to an elderly person who may be stressed or struggling, or to a nurse, medical professional, first responder, or anyone whose work is affected by the chaos.
* Weather permitting, go on a nature walk.
* Bake and decorate cookies or cupcakes—make it a contest.
* Cook/prepare a meal together giving everyone a specific task—pretend you’re a restaurant; or have a competition like the cooking shows, such as CHOPPED, and let them show off their culinary skills.
* There are a lot of free coloring pages on line—print off and have a coloring contest.
* Put on a fashion show—have your kids dress in costumes, or miss-matched clothes—make it fun!
* Exercise can be fun by: dancing (my kids like to put on dance performances); acting out different animals; walking the neighborhood.
* Board and card games.
* Make sock puppets out of old socks—put on a puppet show.
* Make a fort or tent with blankets and sheets that hang over chairs, beds, and/or other furniture—this can be inconvenient as far as having a tidy house, but it’s a lot of fun for kids!
**Share your ideas with others.

There are ways to help out local businesses, too. If you’re too anxious to dine out, call in an order and pick it up to eat at home, or have food delivered (if you’re able to, leave a little extra tip—these people are struggling, too). Some grocery stores have on-line ordering to be picked up and/or delivered.

Be kind to yourself, and to others. Stay safe and take care!

First Three Books in a Series!


These three books are now available in paperback on Amazon! They’re also available on Amazon Kindle individually or in a bundle pack, or free on Kindle Unlimited. They’re the first three books in a series of fifty-one!

I’m happy to announce I have a story in each book:
’The Lost Cabin’ in “Horror USA —California”
’Infectious Smile’ in “Horror USA—Texas”
’Anacortes’ Accomplice’ in “Horror USA—Washington”.

Read To Your Pets

Lower your pet’s anxiety by cuddling with him and letting him hear your voice while reading a bedtime story!

#Bedtime4Dogs has released their second anthology of stories for humans and their pets. I’m excited to announce my story “True Love” is one of several short stories included in “Tales for the Tail End of a Spring Day”!


Available on Amazon and