Shoutout Sunday

Author Lynnda Pollio wrote a wonderful book worthy of mention. ‘Trusting The Currents’ is a heartwarming must read.


There aren’t very many books that I read that cause me to pause and reflect on my own life, but this book did. There is so much about this wonderfully written book that is thought provoking. For anyone not sure about what path to take in life, this story may be the nudge needed to move them forward.

The story flows beautifully and I found it easy to latch on to the characters. Each character is described in a fashion true to life, and easy to like, hate, or relate to.

I really enjoyed this read, and was satisfied with the ending.
You can find this book and follow Lynnda Pollio on Amazon:

Happy Monday!

My Monday started out with this awesome youtube video of a youngster reviewing my book “The Book of Alma”. The ending of the video is the best! I love her enthusiasm. Check it out!

Shoutout Sunday

Today’s shoutout goes to author Dawn Taylor. Her book “Something’s Not Right With Lucy” is an emotionally powerful novel involving child abuse and neglect. If this is a topic you are sensitive to, this is NOT the book for you! This is not a subject to be taken lightly, the author clearly did her homework on the subject. Here is my five-star review:

This story is powerful and will tug at your heartstrings, whether you have kids or not. Although the nature of the story makes it difficult to read, I feel that people can learn from it as well.

This story is, unfortunately, true to life. Although the system failed Lucy, I do believe in the system and think that it has progressed immensely since the time setting of this book as it appears to be set in the late 60’s or 70’s (this is my assumption due to the cost of cigarettes and beer purchased in this story — I don’t remember reading a ‘year’ in the story, I may have missed it). Given that, I couldn’t stop reading this book. I thought it was very well written. The characters were true to life and believable. I could visualize each scene, some in more detail than I would have preferred, but that is what made the writing so good (IMO), because it evoked emotions in me that kept me invested in the story.

I will refrain from commenting on most of the characters as I don’t want to post any plot spoilers. What I will say is that I had a strong opinion about them all, most were not good, though they were very well developed and well written. 

Of course, my heart was with Lucy and Daisy. All they wanted was to love and be loved. It was sad, but true to life, that a lot of the kids at school bullied them because they were poor, and from the ‘wrong side of town’. But it wasn’t just the kids that treated them this way, most of the adults did, too.

With the kittens, Lucy and Daisy experienced an unconditional shared love, a bond, and trust — the things that were missing from the adults in their lives. My heart broke for them when they were robbed of the one thing that fulfilled their needs. 

The physical and mental abuse that Lucy endured with the people who were supposed to love and protect her was emotionally exhausting. Although Lucy was able to find strength in Violet, it wasn’t enough to escape the brutality forced upon her.

I think my heart stopped beating momentarily at the end of the story.


Here is a link to the auhor’s Amazon page:

I’m Back …

I had to take a break from blogging. My four-legged furry son, Gixxer, passed away last month. His passing shattered my heart. He was my writing side-kick, my constant, my routine. I miss him terribly, but he will forever and always be with me in my heart.


Since loosing Gixxer, I’ve had a hard time venturing out. I couldn’t even celebrate my birthday — it just didn’t feel right. This week I decided to accept invitations to visit and speak at two different schools to talk about my books. They were wonderful experiences! ALL of the kids were very well behaved, very respectful, and asked good questions. Thank you to all of the parents and teachers for raising such wonderful kids! It’s a tough job!

Shoutout Sunday

Today’s shoutout goes to author J. Conrad on her book ‘Elin and the Wolf’ (the title may have changed to ‘Cinder and Fangs’), a spin-off of ‘Cinderella’. I throughly enjoyed this read. Here is my 5-star review:

If you enjoy fantasy books that are a spin-off of classic fairytales, you will love this story! An intriguing and twisted dark magical tale with witches, faes, and shifters, in a world where things aren’t always as they appear to be.

After a terrible accident where her mother is lost and presumed dead, young Elin’s sanity was in question as she remembered the circumstances of the tragic event differently than her father. Throughout the years, for fear of being deemed insane, Elin kept to herself the belief that her mother was still alive. She was raised by her father in a comfortable lifestyle until he took on another wife. While her father was away on extended leave for work, Elin runs away, in an attempt to escape the brutal abuse inflicted upon her by her evil step-mother and step-sisters.

While fleeing through the woods, she encounters a wolf. It it then that Elin begins to discovers the dark secrets of her life.

Here is a link to J. Conrad’s amazon page: